WPD Facebook

By: Bethany Hashway

Warwick, RI-   Have you ever wondered who runs the Warwick Police Department Facebook’s page? Well let me introduce you to Lt. Joe Hopkins and his assistant Lt. Lexi they are the one’s behind all the serious and funny Facebook post that you read. Lt. Hopkins has been a member of the Warwick Police Department for over 23 years. Before he took over the Warwick Police Department’s Facebook page he was part of the patrol and detective divisions.

During an interview last week with Lt. Hopkins we asked him some questions in regards to the Warwick Police Departments Facebook Page that he handles.

One of the questions that was asked to Lt. Joe Hopkins was how many days a week he posts on the Warwick Police Departments Facebook Page? Lt. Hopkins stated that he tries to post something everyday to keep the community update on what’s happening in and around Warwick. With the posts he enjoys the interaction with the community. Also many of the police officers at WPD are on board with the Facebook so they will also provide him information to upload for the weekends.

The second question that was asked during the interview was what kind of posts help out the community? Lt. Hopkins said that the feel good posts are the best because they improve the public perception on police officers and that they are there to help. For example a recent feel good story that the Warwick Police shared on their Facebook recently was about an officer giving a homeless guy a sandwich and a water.

In the interview another question that was asked was how many followers does the Warwick Police Page have? Lt. Joe Hopkins stated that the WPD Facebook page has 11,000 followers and they have a goal of getting to 20,000 followers by June. Be sure to follow their page. This way more people are sharing information the WPD put out there.

Another question that was asked during the interview was where do you come up with the posts to write? The officer responded that he gets some of the idea’s from the logs, online, and at times people will send him stuff to share.

The Facebook page is not the only thing that Lt. Hopkins has to handle he also keep the Warwick Police Departments website update. To learn how to update the website a couple of WPD members had to go to three of schooling in New York to learn how to work the website. This helps because they are able to reach more people because more people are know getting their news from social media sites.

Last but not least, we asked Lt. Hopkins what advice he would give for any police departments are thinking about joining the social media world. His advice is to go for it this way more police departments can interact and share each other’s posts with their followers.

Please be sure to follow Warwick Police on their Facebook and Twitter pages.